Operational accessory to enable the interface between wireless and acoustic communication.

Manta Communications Gateway works as a plug-and-play communication hub, supporting seamlessly wireless and acoustic communication between the operator and the LAUV, enabling extended connection range. It allows multiple operators to control and monitor multiple vehicles in a networked environment.


Battery powered for full autonomy and portability and comes in a rugged waterproof enclosure that allows installation in a buoy and/or operation in open vessels such as RHIBs. Serves as a communication, navigation and tracking tool, helping the operator to remotely track, monitor, command and interact with the LAUV while in full operation mode.


The Manta Gateway may integrate several capabilities and accessories:

  • Wi-Fi – This is the primary mean that enables long range, high-throughput communication with the vehicle when it is not submerged
  • Acoustic Modem – for long-range underwater communications.
  • HSDPA/GSM modem – provides direct connection to the internet when GSM network coverage is available.
  • Iridium SBD Modem – supports satellite communications with worldwide coverage.
  • GPS Receiver – provides the device’s real-time position. This feature allows the operator to understand its own location in the mission map. It’s particularly useful when the operations are conducted from a ship.
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Please note that the LAUV specifications may be dependent on the system configuration, such as: endurance, speed, length, weight, etc.. Contact us for further details.


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